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SYNDROS CARES® Free Trial Voucher Card
(Terms and Conditions apply)

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  • First bottle with first prescription is fully covered and immediately filled while the second prescription is pending insurance authorization
  • Health Care Provider may provide two separate prescriptions for the Patient to present to Pharmacy in order to take advantage of the “Free Trial Voucher” offer while insurance is being processed for the remaining full prescription.
    • Trial Voucher Card: Prescription Written for One (1) Bottle (30mL), will be free with SYNDROS CARES® Trial Voucher Program valid for one use per patient (regardless of insurance) which will be processed as a Primary claim using Bin 610600.
    • Discount Co-Pay Card for Commercially-Insured Patients: Written for full prescription (total remaining bottles needed) and process through the patient’s commercial insurance as the Primary claim and submitting the SYNDROS CARES® Discount CO-Pay Card as a Secondary Claim using BIN: 610600 as a coordination of benefits (COB).
    • Discount Card for a Cash-Paying Patient: To Process Uninsured Claims: Submit Primary claim using BIN: 610600.

    For support processing either the Free Trial Voucher or Discount Co-Pay Cards, please call SYNDROS CARES® at 877-369-5158

  • For commercially-insured and cash-paying patients only

Benuvia Operations, LLC Patient Services Center
Call 1-877-369-5158
Fax 1-844-793-4412

If you have been prescribed a Benuvia product, we are here to help you.
Take advantage of other resources and programs available to you such as:

  • Benuvia Operations, LLC’s SYNDROS CARES® Free Trial Voucher and/or Discount Card

SYNDROS CARES® Discount Card
(Terms and Conditions apply)

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  • If you have commercial insurance, you will pay as little as $0 Co-Pay for each prescription.
  • If you are cash-paying, you will receive up to a $400 discount per prescribed bottle.
  • If you have any questions pertaining to the use of this card, please call 1-877-369-5158.

SYNDROS CARES® Eligibility, Terms and Conditions

  • Co-Pay/Discount Card offers valid for commercially-insured and cash-paying patients only, except where prohibited by law.
  • Maximum Discount Card benefit of $400 off each new prescription bottle of SYNDROS (dronabinol) oral solution for cash-paying patients.
  • Savings offer not valid for any individual for whom any part of any prescriptions for SYNDROS is or will be covered by Medicaid, Medicare (including Medicare Advantage or Part D prescription Plans), any states’ prescription drug programs, or any other public payer program. If any other part of your prescription is paid by a non-governmental third-party payer, you attest to having disclosed this offer to your third-party payer.
  • Offers cannot be combined with any other coupon, certificate, voucher, rebate or similar offer.
  • Offers good only in the USA and Puerto Rico at participating retail pharmacies and cannot be redeemed at government-subsidized clinics.
  • Benuvia Therapeutics Inc. has the right to revoke or cancel these offers, or to change the rules of the program, without notice.
  • For a Free Trial Voucher, a new patient is defined as any patient that has not previously utilized a Free Trial Voucher Card